Affiliate Policy

At we are all about encouraging you to take advantage of everything that midlife has to offer. Occasionally this means we make suggestions about products and services that we believe can add to the quality of your life.

Affiliate Links

When we recommend a product or service, and  link to the product’s company’s website, we may use an affiliate or referral link, which means if you click on the link and decide to buy the product the vendor will send us a commission as a way to say thanks for the referral.

The amount of the commission varies, but it is paid by the vendor and doesn’t affect what you pay for the product. Further, we only recommend products we believe will add value to your life and only products we personally use or that come highly recommended from someone we trust.

Why would we recommend a product we don’t use? In some cases they may not apply to us.  We could be writing about a health issue that doesn’t affect any of us personally, but is of interest to our audience.  In that case we would defer to recommendations from someone who is an authority on the subject.

To be clear about our affiliate relationships with vendors I will add the following info after the link: (affiliate link). However, it is safe to assume that if we link to a product there is a good chance a thank you commission will be forthcoming.